Asset Manager Perception Research

Because investor perceptions (and not necessarily reality) drive investment decisions

In your world, retaining and growing AUM is homework for you paramount. According to compelling new Rivel/Chestnut research*, there are a series of drivers that trump performance in the asset manager selection and termination process. In fact, TRUST is now the most significant factor in asset manager hiring decisions, overtaking performance in the past few years.

*White paper on Asset Managers: “Your Performance Doesn’t Really Matter” Published 2014 by Chestnut Advisory Group

How can you better understand trust and other key drivers of asset manager selection? Through a comprehensive investor perception study that will fully equip you with an extensive arsenal of actionable intelligence.

Some questions that you may be asking yourself that need answering:

• Why didn’t we win that finals presentation?

• Why aren’t we getting traction with that consulting firm?

• How well does the market understand our investment strategy?

• What are investors’ key concerns about committing capital to us?

• To what extent are some of our investors vulnerable to redeeming and what can we do to mitigate this?

• Beyond performance, what can we do to bolster our clients’ investment experience with us?

A Rivel perception study will uncover:

• The specific drivers behind your target market’s asset allocation decisions.

• What has been successful in your attracting and retaining clients, or why investors ultimately chose a competitor.

• Clients’ current level of trust in your firm and what areas can be improved.

• An objective assessment of communications with your investor base.

• A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the gulf between what your investors want and what they feel they are getting.

• An understanding of how your stakeholders believe you stack up to your peers on a myriad of different levels.

• Beyond performance, what can we learn from our stakeholders that will allow us to better distinguish ourselves from our peers.

Our process involves:

• Interviewing a cross-section of your current investor base, prospective investors, investment consultants, and investors that opted to go with your competitor.

• A unique methodology that provides you with qualitative feedback as well as quantitative measurements of that feedback.

• A highly actionable analysis of your market, which will provide you with precious intelligence for a vastly buy essay writing services better-architected investor communications and client retention strategy.

More Info:

Contact Alon Kutai, Managing Director of Rivel’s Asset Manager Division, at 203-987-5747 or at for more information.