Corporate Governance Intelligence Council

Corporate Governance Intelligence Council

Rivel’s Corporate Governance Intelligence Council is the only program of its kind that combines a 360-degree perspective from all your constituents – the global buy-side, proxy voters, senior management, investor relations and the corporate secretary – to derive what is best-in-class corporate governance.

Long viewed as separate silos, governance and investor outreach are rapidly converging. It is clear that governance practices are now a significant driver of investment decisions made by portfolio managers. While at the same time a rapidly evolving regulatory environment is leading to a democratization of the corporate boardroom which is changing the way investors make and manage proxy voting decisions. As such, company management is being encouraged to find better ways to communicate and engage with investors on a broader range of issues than ever before. Engagement encourages companies to take a different look at performance and how it is measured and rewarded. It holds management, board members and investors alike, accountable.

Just as engagement is an on-going process, so too is corporate governance. For both engagement and governance to be effective they must be predicated on gaining an accurate and detailed understanding of the perspectives and expectations of the investment community. By gaining actionable insight based on in-depth measures of the global investment community companies are able to better identify and communicate their specific value proposition.

Traditionally, you would call a range of advisors to gain information. The Rivel Corporate Governance Intelligence Council is changing this dynamic by providing you with reliable, actionable data from an unprecedented global network of governance professionals and institutional investors.  Via an interactive platform members help select the issues to be examined, share experiences and are able to assess the effectiveness of their outreach.  Rivel’s consultative analyses facilitates the formulation of board and management strategy.

The Corporate Governance Intelligence Council provides the answers to all your governance questions. In addition to our extensive library of governance and investor research the CGIC also offers you the following:

  • Ongoing best practice reports covering topics selected by the membership and assessed by buy-side investment and proxy voting professionals worldwide.
  • Ongoing valuation research on how the global buy-side incorporates governance issues into its decision-making process.
  • Company-specific concierge service proving year-round Board and management advice and counsel on all governance matters.
  • Rivel Flashpoint studies enabling immediate action, in-depth surveys among representative samples of governance professionals on topical issues/challenges of the day.
  • Company-specific governance benchmarking reports providing customized, detailed comparisons between key aspects of a firm’s governance and compensation structures with best practices as reported by its peers.
  • Historical vote analysis that provides insight into how major investors voted on all proxy issues.  The analysis can be company specific or applied to investor votes across issues relevant to an entire sector, paired with in-depth analysis of individual investors voting policy, history and triggers.
  • Real-time Q&A with peers; Rapid Action Research where members discuss relevant practices and receive immediate feedback from fellow members.
  • Access to the most comprehensive data library in the industry, providing member firms with their own gateway on Rivel’s website, giving them complete access to every report, executive summary and data point in this extensive repository of governance data.
  • Shareholder engagement services that provide guidance in preparing comprehensive investor engagement strategy and shareholder messaging on all governance and compensation issues, including assistance in crafting custom discussion points, SEC disclosure, governance presentations and internal staff preparation.
  • SEC disclosure evaluation review to provide recommendations on proxy disclosure; language clarity, consistency of messaging, concise and compelling communication, format, enhanced disclosure and design opportunities.
  • Post-engagement perception interview: the option to conduct custom, post-event interviews amongst proxy voters to gauge the effectiveness of engagement.

These resources and supplemented on an ad-hoc basis by comprehensive surveys of timely issues of concern to governance professionals in addition to practical updates on important legal and regulatory changes.

The Rivel Corporate Governance Intelligence Council is an international advocacy forum of the governance profession tasked with evaluating and elevating the importance and efficacy of the practice. Restricted to corporate secretary, general counsel and shareholder communication and governance executives, the Council combines the experiences and knowledge of its membership with insights derived from Rivel’s historical and constantly updating buy-side, proxy voting and corporate research databases.  With such perspective on investor and public-company perceptions and practices, the Council brings exclusive, research-validated intelligence to everyday corporate governance decision-making. To promote mutual avenues of cooperation and shared wisdom, research results are shared with buy-side analysts, portfolio managers and corporate managers who participate in the surveys.

For more information:

If you are interested in learning more about corporate governance best practices through Rivel Research Group’s Corporate Governance Intelligence Council please contact David Bobker, Vice President, Corporate Governance & Board Evaluation at (203) 803-1515 or via email at

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