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Rivel’s Intelligence Council is the only program of its kind that combines a 360-degree perspective from all your constituencies – the global buy-side, sell-side, senior management and investor relations – to derive what is best-in-class IR.

Invariably, you get questions about investor relations from your Board and management team that involve going to outside sources to help you separate fact from assumptions.  Historically, you would call any number of these IR professionals and other sources to obtain bits and pieces – a mosaic of information you need. Not only is this a drain on your time and staff resources, but you may not even get an accurate answer to your IR questions. At Rivel, we are changing this dynamic by providing our clients with reliable data and unprecedented access to a global network of peer IR professionals.

Since 2009, Rivel has been amassing the world’s largest library of relevant IR data…a library that enables you to put weight and credibility behind the answers you provide to management.

Some questions that might come from your Board or management:

  • How will the SEC’s ruling change the buy-side’s use of social media?
  • What are the investment community’s thoughts on buybacks vs. dividends?
  • Is my IR budget in line with other companies in my peer group, sector and market cap range?
  • How much is IR worth to our valuation?
  • What consultant would you recommend to help with an activist investor?
  • How do other companies handle misinformation from analysts who cover them?
  • How much time should we dedicate to Q&A during the earnings call?

Rivel’s Intelligence Council has the answers to these questions and countless others spanning the entire investor relations industry. In other words, You Have Questions … Rivel’s Intelligence Council Has Answers.

And these answers are available in various forms, whether it’s in-depth reports on specific IR topics (e.g., best-in-class investor days, management access, targeting) or the State of the Buy-side Quarterly Perspectives Review, which examines how the global investor community makes investment decisions.

Answers also come from your IRO peers either during a networking session at the semiannual Intelligence Council Conference or in our Rapid Action Research service, which quickly polls the Intelligence Council membership for insight on any question or issue you might have (typically with a 48-hour turnaround).

But most importantly, you don’t have to seek out the answers on your own. Members of the Council are supported by the Concierge Service, a collection of dedicated staff members available around the clock for you to contact about any IR-related question. You call or email them your question, they will consult our research database and quickly get you a data-supported answer. We do the work for you, essentially becoming an extension of your IR staff.

ToC IRO Report

IRO ViewPoint – Table of Contents

ToC QPR Report

Quarterly Perspective Review – Table of Contents

Concierge Email

Concierge Email

For more information:

If you are interested in learning more about investor relations best practices through Rivel Research Group’s Intelligence Council, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing at (203) 635-4383 or via email at