What Drives Buy-Side Behavior?

Inside the Investor’s Mind

Figuring out what’s important to an investor’s decision-making process is a formidable task for you as an IRO, but also one of the greatest responsibilities as the proxy between management and Wall Street. Given the dynamic and evolving nature of the buy-side, Rivel’s quarterly Perspectives Series uncovers current and forward-looking buy-side sentiment on various macroeconomic issues, and answers these and other questions vital to your investor relations efforts.

Using a representative sample of this audience, the Perspectives Series helps you better understand this key constituency, with the ultimate goal of delineating the influences, motivations and behaviors of these investors. We determine what sources they rely on for investor relations and how they define key metrics (such as attractive dividend yield or EPS growth). Our research reveals how the buy-side makes its investment decisions, how it expects the economy to perform over the next six months, what sectors and countries it favors, and how it views the “hot button” issues affecting the marketplace at any given time.

The Rivel Research Perspective Series also provides comprehensive insight into the various buy-side audiences (i.e., investment style, sector and market cap focus) and offers answers to many commonly asked questions coming from the C-suite and Board of Directors.

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To learn more about Rivel Research Group’s insight into the buy-side, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing at (203) 635-4383 or via email at bsullivan@rivel.com.