How Do You Define IR Best Practices?

Multiple Perspectives … One Source

There are dozens of strategic and tactical investor relations topics that you think about on a daily basis – everything from earnings calls and targeting to investor days and measuring the effectiveness of IR. There are times when you need the buy-side view and times when you need the view of your IRO peers. On 18 to 20 topics per year, Rivel interviews a representative sample of these audiences to create the definitive 360-degree perspective on various topics important to the IR professional. The end result is a comprehensive analysis of the topic and where the consensus falls, in effect defining what is the best practice. This is the core foundation of Rivel’s Intelligence Council.

Each in-depth report draws on a minimum of 350 respondents giving you the certainty that you need as you share the data internally. These reports offer you multiple perspectives on a topic, whether it’s the buy-side’s view on guidance or the IRO community’s consensus on what makes a best-in-class earnings call, for example. Most importantly, these two viewpoints are compared to examine exactly where you are exceeding, meeting or falling short of the investment community’s expectations.

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