Semiannual Conferences:
Peer Networking and Idea Sharing

One of the most important things you can do as an IRO is connect with your peers to discuss how to attack difficult investor relations problems. This is why we launched our Intelligence Council conferences, where the data “comes to life.”

Rivel hosts two Intelligence Council conferences per year, offering you the opportunity to discuss current trends in investor relations with your peers, ask questions of a panel of prominent buy-siders and participate in roundtables on relevant topics in IR.

The day-long event (held in major money centers) supplies a vendor-free forum for senior IROs along with Rivel senior executives to discuss key issues emanating from the research. A very popular facet of the IC conference is the peer workshop, where small groups of IROs convene to discuss a particular topic (e.g., crisis communications, how IR effectiveness is measured, investor presentations, etc.) and understand how things are done elsewhere in the IR world.

Another integral component of the conference is the buy-side panel. Several investors from major funds are available to answer your questions, provide insight into how they make decisions, and discuss what they expect from investor relations on virtually any topic.

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If you are unable to attend the conference, details from each presentation and discussion roundtable, and the key takeaways from the conference, are provided to all Intelligence Council members.

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Regional Exchanges

Since some members are unable to attend the major conferences due to scheduling conflicts, Rivel has introduced the regional exchange. Held multiple times throughout the United States and Canada, these breakfast or lunch meetings allow members to network with peers in their region, share ideas and brainstorm on one topic (e.g., investor days, earnings calls, targeting) in a small group. These events are typically hosted at an Intelligence Council member’s company.

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To learn more or participate in a conference, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Vice President, Marketing at (203) 635-4383 or via email at