Valuation Accelerator

MiFID II is changing the landscape for how companies interact with investors. As the sell-side continues to shrink, companies are tasked with taking a more proactive approach to understanding their shareholder base and reaching out to new prospects. Rivel Research Group uses a sophisticated regression-based system for investor prioritization, investor modeling, shareholder base insights and targeting. The service provides four crucial outcomes:

  1. Saves management time; weeds out the bad meetings
  2. Increases probability of investment; improving valuation
  3. Determines how corporate actions might impact the future shareholder base
  4. Provides more powerful board materials and management insights

Key Differentiators

Valuation Accelerator is vastly different than other targeting services because it is more robust, more specific and more accurate.

  • 27 metrics – most comprehensive model in the marketplace
  • Investment philosophy at fund level
  • “Meet the ball down the field” – looks into the future

The system has also been back-tested significantly to ensure its results are indeed accurate.

VAP website image (back test image))

Concierge Service

(unlimited year-long relationship)

The Valuation Accelerator program is offered as a personalized concierge-style service, giving members access to everything they will need for the year ahead.

  • Goal setting: lay out the strategy for the year
  • Regional analysis: areas with the greatest opportunity
  • Calendar planning: cities, banks, timing
  • Roadshow filtering: best targets in each city?
  • Conference filtering: best matches requesting 1-on-1s?
  • Inbound filtering: assessment of institutions on an ad-hoc basis
  • Meeting upload: Rivel uploads every interaction during the year
  • Quarterly materials for board/management progress reports
  • Scenario planning/hypothetical situation security development

For more information:

If you are interested in learning more about Rivel Research Group’s offerings, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, at (203) 635-4383 or via email at